Crystalline Reiki

The Next Level of Reiki Healing

Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Measures

In May 2020, during the extraordinary times on the planet with the world’s pandemic, the Crystalline Grid was introduced as a way to connect to a higher energy source. The Earth’s electromagnetic grid was experiencing spikes and dips, and the collective energies were anything but stable.

By connecting with the Crystalline Grid, we were able to tap into a much higher frequency of energy, thus bringing our energy to a much higher frequency than previously experienced.

The Crystalline Grid has been in existence since the beginning of time. It is the storehouse for the Akashic records for all of time for our Earth’s system. It was through this discovery, we found a new way to connect to our higher selves, our purpose, and, most importantly, our healing.

At this point, it is important to clarify, we did not “discover” this energy. It has been in existence from the moment our system formed. We were given the experience of the Crystalline Grid in working with the Akashic Records and connecting to the higher freqencies. And now this has expanded to use with our Reiki, creating a crisper, cleaner, higher frequency healing modality.

The Birth of Crystalline Reiki

In working with other newly discovered forms of Reiki, we found the information around this energy felt incomplete. The energy was a very strong, masculine, firey energy, which worked for many applications. We needed a different energy, though, to match what was happening on our planet—the great Divine Feminine return. Our Reiki Master Guides were able to lead us to this “new” energy to use in our Reiki healing.

Quite clearly, the Guides said, “Go to the Crystalline Grid.”

Through a guided meditation, we were led to the Crystalline Grid where we were gifted with the Crystalline Reiki symbol, and taught how to share this incredible, high frequency, Divine Feminine healing energy with others.

This is a pure, Source energy— soft yet strong, unconditionally loving, feminine nurturing, high frequency energy. Using Crystalline Reiki can assist us in providing a higher frequency healing for our clients.

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