Heart Centered Reiki

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

Healing the Spirit

All of us have heart wounds, from this lifetime and other lifetimes. We can carry these wounds with us, to learn from them and experience our world through their lenses.

It is time to work on these wounds, understand them, and learn how they are holding us from being who we are here in this incarnation.

Receiving a Heart Centered Reiki attunement will enhance your Reiki healing and allow focus on healing the heart, spirit and soul.

During the class you will receive the attunement, then we practice how to use the Heart Centered Reiki symbol in your healing sessions. It is a very powerful, healing addition to your incredible work. The attunement also raises your vibration and assists with your personal heart healing.

Prerequisite: To attend, you must be a current Reiki practitioner. It does not matter what level or lineage, as long as you have been attuned to use Reiki healing on others. If you are not a Reiki practitioner and are interested in the Reiki I class, click here to express interest in this class!

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