About Birgit

Birgit grew up in Germany and has been dabbling in spiritual and witchy ways since her teenage years, trying desperately to calculate her birth chart by hand (pre-internet). It failed grandiosely because Math, but the interest stayed. While work and family life took over for another few decades, the sense that there is more to the world than this existence was always right there. As many other had to do, she had to find out that we all have the gift of intuition and receiving energy and presence of the universe, and once this gate was unlocked, the other worlds became alive. Tarot, Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, Advanced Pranic Healing, are the center of her daily life, old traditional Germanic spells, Remote Viewing, Runes, the history of the Golden Dawn, and other healing modalities are a close second.

In her other life, she runs a small, more right brain business – MouCo Cheese Company – in Fort Collins with her husband, is at the mercy of her 3 teenage sons, and is the overall big chapo of her family. She loves to hike and snowshoe to soak up Mother Earths energy to regenerate.

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